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Shih-Wen Tseng






My name is Shih-Wen. I grow up in Taiwan for over 30 years. There are four members in my family. My parents have retied now, and my sister is a Photo Retoucher in a Wedding Dressing Studio. We have good cooperation in our creation.

In my college time, I majored in English Literature and Teacher Education Program. But in my last year, I also learned the Art Management, it makes me a lot interests in the art works and performance arts.

When I graduated from college, I worked in NGO and was responsible for the Project Executive of Campus Ministry. Except the routine affairs, I found my passion in photograph and liked to be a storyteller from my photos. My friends and coworkers all like to hear from my photo's background. I think it's a good opportunity to share my ideas of photos. During this working time, I become a backpacker lover, too. By traveling, I can take more pictures and tell more story about myself.

In 2012, I built my own photo studio, and offered the photo service of Wedding Recording, Pre-Wedding, Children Photos, and any unique anniversary recording. My customs like my storytelling style because I will not only give them professional photo procedure, but also find the connection in my shooting ideas.

Now, I still take photos, try to write the story and keep it in my Blog and Facebook. I think when I pick up my camera, it is the history. Hope that I can keep the passion in my works and creative life.




Taiwan · Jan., 2012 – Present

I like photo shooting, and sharing the story of photos.

Photograph Experience:
Wedding Photographer
Pre-Weddding Photographer
Family Photographer
Ceremony Recording

Project Executive of Campus Ministry

The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

Taiwan · June, 2008 – June, 2017

My main partners(co-workers) are the Pastors of the national college student centers. We will plan the trainings whole year for students, like Bible Study Camp, Leadership Camp, Ecumenical activities, etc.

The following is my main jobs:
1.Coordinating with my partners.
2.Preparing meeting information.
3.Budget execution.
4.Executing Promotion Plan for camps.
5.Website manager (Facebook editor)
6.Correcting Job SOP

I think I have good talent to communicate with my partners, and I have patience to doing my job well. If any mistake happens, I will correct my SOP and make it better next time. So I think I do my job well so far.

Volunteer Experience

The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

Japan · Jul. 2011 – Jul. 2011

On March 11, 2011, a earthquake shook northeastern Japan. It made very big damaged in Japan. In my company, there were an opportunity to be a volunteer to help the local people recover their home. I spent two weeks following the Japan NGO arrangement to go to the damage place. I helped the farmers to clear their land, and accompany the local people during free time.

Volunteer Experience

Golden Bough Theatre

Taipei, Taiwan · 2007 – 2008

When my last year in college, I participated in the volunteer of Golden Bough Theatre. I helped them to contact the audiences, ticketing, promote the program, etc.
During this time, I know it’s hard work to manage the theatre group, but it is important art resources in Taiwan.

2018 Peru Photo Story, Taipei Student Center, Taipei City, Taiwan
2018 Peru Photo Story, Xiangshang Church, Taichung City, Taiwan

Plan the Photo workshop, Good at Storytelling with Photos, High Mountain climbing Lover, A backpacker lover


Urban Sketching, Music, Photograph, Japanese Coversation